Nature’s Best Photography

” Nature’s Best Photography is an award-winning showcase of nature as recorded by the world’s leading professional photographers, naturalists, adventurers, as well as new, emerging photographers.”

     Above, is an excerpt from the mission statement of one of America’s biggest and most treasured nature magazines and international competition holders! So how pleased was I when, upon opening my email, I found out that one of my photos from a local beach had been chosen from thousands to appear on the Natures Best Photography website!

Natures Best Photography

Marsden Beach, North East Coast, UK

     Above, is the photo that was chosen to appear on their website along with a small piece of test from myself describing the events from that morning shoot. I have include the editors, Steve Freligh, comment below:

“Spring is almost here in Virginia and with it comes the plans for visiting the shore. These vast ocean landscapes are inspiring to say the least. This photograph shares excellent depth of field and an extraordinary blend of colors and textures.”— Steve Freligh


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