Apple iPad

Apple iPad

     I’ve been thinking about purchasing an iPad since they had been announced by Apple to use as a backup system and a basic photo viewer for myself whilst out and about.  I think, and this is only my personnal view, that this piece of hardware was just built for this job, probably many others too, but from a photographers perspective this is why it was created! 🙂 I’ve seen on the forums the arguments that the iPad has created, its a 50/50 split, those who think its a great bit of kit and those who think its pointless. Its like Mac vs PC all over again!

     The limits of the iPad are only set by the imagination of the people writing the Apps for it, we’ve seen this with the great ideas that have been created for the iPhone. The big question for photographers is ” will there be a version of Lightroom and Aperture” for the iPad? Its like Mac vs PC all over again! 🙂 Personnally I think its already set in stone, its just a matter of time and a little bit of money! Apple have already added some support for Aperture in the 3.02 update:

“Enables support for importing photos from iPad to the Aperture Library, as well as syncing of photos to iPad.”

     This is a great first step. From here you can see them adding a small App which will allow you to add all the relavent meta and copyright  data to your shots whilst out in the field, you’ll probably even be able to choose you favs ready for processing when you get back home.  Adobe are going to have to work hard to try and catch up!

      What happens if you want to try and edit your photos whilst on you travels? Well theres a few iPhone Apps that are out there, Photoshop for one. But the best I have seen, specifically for the iPad, is called FilterStorm and is currently still in its early stages of developement but is already looking like a great little product!

     Now although FilterStorm only works with the embedded JPG from the RAW this App seems to have a pretty good range of workflow tools consisting of curves manipulation, color correction abilities, noise reduction, unsharp masking, black and white conversion and has a full history undo. Layers and a ND Grad are coming in future releases!







     Being in the UK we still can’t purchase the iPad as yet as the release date was pushed back to the 28th May due to the huge supply demands of the US. 1,000,000 iPads sold in 28 in the US alone! Needless to say that I will be downloading this App, whilst its still free, and will give it a full test when I have my iPad! Thats right, you guessed it, I’ve bought an iPad and i’m just awaiting delivery.


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