Not only a talented photographer, Simon always engages with my workshop clients in a thoughtful and professional manner. His love for the photographic medium is clearly evident both in his discussions and his images.

By Jason Friend

Scottish Highlands, Loch Lochy. Jason Friend

 These are the kind words of good mate and great photographer, Jason Friend. Jason is an award winning freelance photographer and writer based in the North East of England, when hes not traveling all over the world that is, and for the last 3 years has been passing on some his vast experience and knowledge via locally based workshops. These workshops are set up and aimed mainly at the beginner to intermediate photographer and based around teaching people to use their cameras, tripods, accessories.


Allen Banks & Staward Gorge

Allen Banks & Staward Gorge

     Jason was kind enough to ask me, around a year and a half ago, if I would like to help out teaching on his workshops! This was an offer that I couldn’t refuse and would love to do, so I jumped at the chance. Theres just something heart warming about passing on the knowledge you have gained to those just starting out in the creative field of photography. Its amazing to see the huge amount of progress that some of the attendees can achieve in just one day! For some, the info hits home pretty quickly and for others it might take a few more hours, but everyone leaves for home pleased in the knowledge that they have learned a new skill set that they can put to good use in their own time over the coming months. For some people this one day workshop is enough and they are happy just knowing how to use their camera, others like to return 2-3 times a year and enjoy learning something new each time, some just like to have confirmation that what they currently are doing is correct and others just like coming out shooting with a great set of people in some of the finest places Northumberland and the North East coast have to offer!


Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia. Jason Friend.


     The Farne Islands and Seahouses, the North Tyneside coast, Rothbury, Dunstanburgh and Northumberland coast, Newcastle quayside, the South Tyneside coast, Hadrians Wall and the Cheviot Hills are just a few of the stunning locations selected to offer a wide range of different shooting styles to accomadate most attendees.

     The weather on these workshops, as is the neature of this beast, is always unpredictable! We’ve had overcast days, snow and days were it has been so hot that you would think you were in the South of France! This is all part and parcel of being a Landscape Photographer. These dramatic changes in weather are what we are all waiting for as this is one of the best times to capture some of the most stunning skys you can only imagine. This is a lesson taught from mother nature herself, the rest Jason can help with, taking you from snapshots to shooting landscapes in one enjoyable day.

You can vist Jason’s website ‘here‘ and view the upcoming workshops ‘here.



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