Lee Filters or lack of!!

     Have you ever wondered why there is always a huge waiting time for the Lee Filters? Have you ever wondered how the filters are made? Well David Noton and Kerry Banter, one of his team, had a field trip and travelled to Lee filters to have a try at making the filters themselves in this little article.


The BIG Stopper

     I recently had another birthday and my good lady, as usual, bought me a few items of camera gear, what a lucky guy I am! Not only did I receive camera equipment, but I have a good woman who doesn’t mind purchasing said items for me!

     At the time of my birthday LEE Filters had just announced, at the Focus-On-Imaging show, their new 10stop glass ND filter. Now I’d been looking for and thinking about a 10stop filter for quite some time, specifically the B&W screw-in. The main reason I hadn’t taken the plunge and picked a B&W up is that I currently use the LEE filter holder system and frankly using screw-in filters with this system is just a real pain in the behind. Now I like the LEE holder, its simple, quick and easy to use, but adding a screw-in before this and it just isn’t enjoyable due to the fact that you can’t access the screw-in filter because of the adaptor ring . So I was more than pleased when I saw the announcement about the slot in filter and even had a chuckle over the name: The LEE BIG Stopper!

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